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OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES - How To Perform the Bible Musical

Should any church, individual or organization, anywhere in the UK or Worldwide, seek  to perform the Bible in an Hour Christian Musical, for Church Evangelism, Mission, Church Outreach or Entertainment; we have resources available.

All you need is to purchase the Musical Score together with an mp3 or CD of the Musical; lyric sheets and narration, all of which are available to purchase.

You will need a minimum of 3 singers and Narrators, one of which will be a musician - pianist or guitarist.

You could, however, involve a number of musicians, singers and narrators. It’s up to you!

I would be delighted to co-operate with you in providing permission and as much help you need to ‘Wow’ the crowds!

  Perform Bible Musical


Youth Group Events, Outreach in Schools, Colleges, On the Street, Outreach Events, In your Church Entertainment, Help learn the Bible

Alpha Course, Linked with Beginners Bible Studies, Prison Ministry, Christian University.

Christian Colleges to enhance Understanding the Bible. Church Entertainment - provide a meal and Invite friends and family.

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The Musical was written by Peter j Foster.

it can be performed by a minimum of 2 - 3 singers and one narrator.

You can include as many singers and narrators as you want;

also may include dancers, jugglers, mime - the sky’s the limit!

There are total 13 songs in the Musical.

The inspiration to write the Musical came about because I wanted to

understand the relationship between the Old and New Testament.

There are 12 original songs in the Musical.

You will need Score, Narration, Lyrics, Mp3 or CD