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King David was just the sort of man they needed. He was passionate for God and sought God’s ways

above all else. David spoke with God and listened to God. And as a result he prospered with God.

  Through David God was demonstrating a simple truth for mankind; and that is.... Relationship!

God was not interested in a people merely trying to live by, and adhering  to His Commandments, (as

good as they are,) nor by simply offering sacrifices to please Him. Above all, God wanted a people

who would be certain of His love for them. A people who would, quite simply, live by faith. It was

King David who showed this kind of faith.

Many years and many Kings later, with the Israelites once again back into all sorts of disobedience,

The Lord God announced through His prophets of His intention to even things out once and for all.

God’s final master stroke of restoration was about to be revealed....

Pause for thought...

God gave the Law of Commandments to the Israelite people knowing full well they would not be able to

fulfill them. He did this not to show them up, nor to punish them, but to demonstrate that without an

intimate relationship with Him, they would never know His love for them.

It is only in knowing God’s love for us and  having His Holy Spirit living within us that we are able to

please Him. King David was a man who demonstrated that kind of faith; a faith that was to earn him the

position of ‘right standing’ with God - forever to be known as truly a man who followed after God’s

own heart.